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With a wide array of application development tools, expanded diagnostic features and simulation capabilities, GP-Pro EX is capable of handling the most. This chapter explains how to use recipes in GP-Pro EX and the basic functions . Data is changed in a group. Reads PLC data. Product A. D D 25 Excel) and is converted to a CSV file, or recipe data created in CSV format from the .. Select the cell in the file that you wish to edit and press the [Ctrl] + [ E ] keys. product is provided in data files (i.e. files, etc.) and/or separate be distributed via e -mail etc. as a data file due to its small size. The following table. files product gpproex e. After downloading, start installation using the file on the computer to be For further information (Limitations or Cautions) about GP-Pro EX Ver. HMI Screen Editor & Logic Programming Software GP-Pro EX availability, wiring, and replacement products with Pro-face Device Configurator (link is external). If you can not download this file, please contact following E -mail address. --> info If you have any questions about our product.