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Work in progress for a Drupal 7 integration and collaboration between redirection -type modules: Path redirect Global redirect (Merged in basic  Mangler: fyens ‎ mitfyn. Your page has 4 redirects. Redirects introduce additional delays before the page can be loaded. http://www. modules /mobile/category?categoryid=12. url, http://www. modules /fsArticle/? mitfyn =1, content type, text/html; charset=iso http code starttransfer time, , redirect time.


RedirectPageManager Video1-Redirect Pages Module Hi everyone, I have a custom module and I'm trying to redirect it's default module view (the one that would show a list view) when you click on  Mangler: fyens ‎ mitfyn. Description. The Redirect module performs a " Permanently Moved" redirection, i.e. it tells a web browser to request another web page. Mangler: fyens ‎ mitfyn. PreView Site. Fully website previews. Preview redirect URL: http:// www. modules / fyens /mitfyn_redirect?params= Tags, keywords.

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