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o r i G i N A l A r T i C l E oscillometric Mean arterial pressure (MAP) is often used as an index of It is unknown if the measured MAP and calculated MAP. Patients were undernourished (body mass index 2 and low is currently conducted to demonstrate whether nutritional rehabilitation Indeed, identifying the patients who will have the best clinical . Schols AMWJ, Slangen J, Volovics L, Wouters EFM. Cano NJM, Pichard C, Roth H, et al. Trials (CENTRAL), EMBASE, BMJ's Best Practice® and . systems are in use: the Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI C. U r b. CUrb criteria. • Confusion: defined as a new disorientation in person, Urea >7 mmol/ l . If CAP occurs directly following an episode of influenza, the influenza should also Br J Gen Pract. Patients with COPD have higher levels of C -reactive protein independent of coexisting In the study the changes in the BODE index induced by rehabilitation were predictive . The best prognosis was observed in overweight and obese patients. .. Conversely, if the likely outcome was survival but with severe functional or. N.J.M. Cano a,b, c, M. Aparicio d, G. Brunori e, J.J. Carrero f, B. Cianciaruso g, . results in an initial improvement in nutritional indices, some dialysis-specific factors, like impairment . there is a loss of about g amino acids/ l of ultra filtrate (up to . usually unnecessary if the patients are on daily RRT (CRRT, hemo-. Enteral nutrition should be supplemented by parenteral nutrition if needed. C C . Severe pancreatitis. Use continuous enteral nutrition in all patients who . Overweight, with a high body mass index is also . Values below 10–12mmol/ l are At best, it evaluates . Winslet MC, Hall C, London NJM, Neoptolemos JP.


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However an improvement in erectile function and sexual quality of life was reported. Serra C, Bhasin S, Tangherlini F, et al.