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With the release of the iPhone 5 and in light of all the other gadgets coming out in the last few months before Christmas, maybe you'd like to add a little. Hankering for more suggestions after reading Part I of our Back to School Gadget and Gear Guide? No problemo. Here's another list of. 11 dorm room gadgets that are too cool for school to campus for the start of another school year—assuming classes haven't begun already.


Top 10 Awesome Back to School Tech!

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You want that external drive to be extra data storage for your laptop, your smartphone, your tablet, and whatever. Select Site CBS Cares CBS Films CBS Radio CBS. Reliving the 80s: ARMIGA Amiga Emulator Review and Giveaway. More » I still remember when pagers were the gadget  du jour  to bring to school. Yes, you CAN break out of the mold this Father's Day with these awesome gift ideas! It's the time of year when the next generation of college students is gearing up to go -- and there's plenty on the market for improving study an. Linendoll's a self-professed gadget junkie, so we asked her for her other back to school picks. Her No. 1 recommendation is supremely. For example, should a school provide each student on a course Further, many parents have smartphones and other gadgets which they may be able to use to.