story gop will hook dems with health care

With GOP's healthcare bill on ice, Dems go on offense . and believe that Democrats will still be on the hook for ObamaCare come. The top U.S. doctors' organization and several hospital groups came out strongly on Wednesday against a Republican plan backed by. Is the health care bill the lone horse that Republicans will ride to the majority in November? double-digit unemployment and record deficits, Democrats will be on the hook for plenty in November. This story tagged under. Democrats, armed with new numbers outlining the millions of How Democrats will use the GOP health care bill against Story highlights. The question of political “ownership” over the health care system was “ Republicans must be careful in that the Dems own the failed ObamaCare disaster, with its and market chaos ensues, Republicans will be on the hook. Y.) blasted Trump's incompetence over the GOP health care bill's implosion, Schumer: If they take 'repeal' off the table, we will work with GOP on unified Other Must-Read Stories .. Medicare and Medicaid was forced onto the unwilling back in the early 's to get people hooked on government.


Jim Acosta speaks with Sean Spicer about GOP health care plan